The archaeoastronomy is a project within which a research of the Megalithic Observatory Kokino was conducted, and also included activities related to the discovery of other archaeological sites which have an astronomical content. In this regard, in collaboration with the Planetarium of The Youth Cultural Centre Skopje, MRS has established teams for logistical support of the researches,tah have worked also on the popularization of the Ancient Observatory Kokino. These commitments were crowned with ranking of Kokino on the list of Ancient Solar Obseravatories  of  NASA on the prestigious fourth place.

As a result of these activities in 2005, MRS in  collaboration with DI “Tumba “- Kumanovo, Inter Ethnic Project – Kumanovo and the Ministry of Culture of R. Macedonia, published the first catalog of Kokino, as well as flyers and postcards with scenes from this site.   At the end of 2005, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of R. Macedonia and the “Tea Moderna” magazine, two wall calendars and office support materials illustrated with motives from the Ancient Observatory were published.

Moreover, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of R. Macedonia  postcards with photographs of Kokino were also published. In cooperation with the Bureau of Philately of the Macedonian Posts first stamps with Kokino motives were issued. One of the stamps represents the moment of the Sunrise over the ritual marker in the central ritual observing position on the stone thrones. The second one shows a casting mold for a bronze amulet found at the site Kokino.

With the Association of Tourist Guides of Macedonia and the Association of Tourist Guides from Ohrid trainings of tourist guides for promotion and affirmation of the Megalithic Observatory Kokino  were conducted. Thirty-five visitors, licensed tourist guides attended  both training sessions.

In cooperation with the Toyota Avto Centar in Macedonia field photo sessions were conducted for the preparation of promotional materials with Kokino motives.

In 2006 the Embassy of the United States of America in the Republic of Macedonia awarded MRS with a grant for development of the WEB page for the Megalithic Observatory Kokino. In the course of 2007 MRS in collaboration with the Planetarium of the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje provided logistical support for the geodetic measurements required for making the threedimensional site map of Kokino. The same year, in cooperation with Airborne Wing of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia two air recordings of Kokino were launched. In 2008 and 2009 with the support of Planetarium – Skopje researches and archaeoastronomical analyse were conducted of multiple locations in northeastern part of Macedonia.