The Macedonian Research Society (MRS) is a non-profit organization that unites people who have an interest in applying and promoting the principles of sustainable social development and protection of natural environment and cultural heritage.

The goals set my MRS are achieved by conducting research in the field of natural, technical and social sciences in order to perceive, record, analyze and resolve problems of citizens and wider community in the process of building a modern civil society.

The main goal of MRS is building a modern civil society through the implementation of researches from all areas of science, particularly those focused in the study and resolution of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary problems.

The MRS – Macedonian Research Society is an non-profit organization registered according to the Law of NGOs and Foundations of the Republic of Macedonia. The founding assembly was held in 2003. In line with its statute MRS implements its activities through projects.The project managers are responsible for their  implementation. Within the project, the managers form an appropriate team of activists who may but don’t have to be members of MRS.

So far, our teams  have worked on several projects such as Archaeoastronomy, Ethnoastronomy, Ecology and others.